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All of our Edibles are currently THC Free 100%. They are made with a pure CBD Isolate, which is made by extracting only the CBD Cannabinoid from the Hemp Extract.

We have gummies ranging from 15mg up to 50mg each gummy. It is important to treat CBD edibles like a daily supplement or medication, especially our high strength gummies. CBD lowers your blood pressure so taking CBD one day in a very high dose, then not taking any the next day, or less, will have your body confused and your blood pressure could then be higher than normal the next day. Please be responsible when taking CBD products and just take the dose you need, as hard as it may be when we have such great tasting gummies!!


Our gummy rings are THC Free and have 25mg of CBD per gummy. They are available in Apple, Peach, Watermelon and an assorted pack of all 3 flavors. These currently only come in packs of 10.


Our sour gummy worms are also THC Free and have 50mg of CBD per gummy. These are a strong dose and it is recommended to only eat one in the evening to relax and sleep. These can be cut in half for daytime use as the CBD is evenly distributed throughout the worm. These come in a pack of 10 and 20.


Our 100% Vegan Organic Gummy Bears are made with Citrus Pectin vs Gelatin, made using all organic ingredients including flavors and colors. We only put a light dose of 15mg per gummy so you can enjoy a few gummies....your body will also enjoy it!


Our Hard Candies are amazing. Hard Candy is great for several reasons, one is that you actually get to enjoy a single piece for longer than 2 seconds. Hard Candies, being that you suck on it for a while, will get into your system 2 ways, sublingually and through digestion. It will feel a bit lighter than the same dose of a gummy or oil but it will last longer in your system and be more effective. They are also good for sore throats!!

Our hard candies are available in Watermelon and Lemon (not sour) and come in packs of 25 candies.


We carry several other brands and products, including honey jars and sticks, tea, coffee etc. Stop in and see what we have to get you feeling good.